Our Exhibitions

Exhibition Name: The 31st  International Exhibition of Detergent, Cleaners, Hygienic, Cellulose products and Related Machineries


Under Supervision Of:

-Iran Association of Hygienic Cellulose Industries

-Iran Association of Detergent, Hygienic and Cosmetic Industries

Date: 17-20 April 2024

Visiting Hours: 8:00 AM- 15:00 PM

Product Groups:

- Detergents, cellulose and related raw materials

- Cosmetics, health products, hair dyes, nail services, perfumes, colognes and sprays
- Protective products for skin, hair, mouth, teeth and nails
- Non-woven and related raw materials
- Hairdressing supplies, hairdressers and beauty clinics
- supplements and intermediate raw materials
- Air fresheners, insecticides, waxes and related raw materials
- Child protection products
- Spa products
- Filling machines, packaging, containers, cleaning machines and related machines
- Distribution and sales related organizations, scientific centers, research and specialized publications
- Aesthetic Medical Devices
- Iontophoresis, laser and thermal for skin cleansing, skin rejuvenation and body slimming
- Professional care
- Fragrance, Essence
- Bottles for perfume and pumps
- Laser devices and medical products for skin and hair
- Dishwasher and washing machine tablets
- Botox and filler face product
- Beauty and personal care products & supplements

EXHIBITION NAME The 30TH International Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textiles, Embroidery Machines and Textile Products
DATE 19-22 Aug,2024
VISITING HOURS 08:00 A.M – 15:00 PM.
VENUE Tehran International permanent fairground
PRODUCTS TO BE DISPLAYED Textile Machineries Group:
Textile Machineries, Knitting Machinery, Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, Apparel Machines & Related Accessories.
Home Textiles Groups:
Curtains, Towel & Bath Gowns, kitchen, bathroom and toilet Textiles Accessories, Shutters, Table Cloth, …
Bedding Products:
Blanket, Mattress, Bed Sheet, Pillow & Pillow Case, Bed Covers, Accessories.
Textile Groups:
Yarn, Fiber, Dyestuff & Raw Materials
Consultants & Services
HALL NUMBERS 5-31A, B-35-38-38A, B
ORGANIZER Samee Paad Novin Co.
COOPERATION WITH -Association of Iran Textile Industries
-Iranian Textile Specialized Association
UNDER SUPERVISION OF Association of Iran Textile Industries
Telefax +98 - 21- 26 40 99 02-5
ADDRESS No: 18, 5th Floor, Building No: 39 - Zafar Ave, Dr.Mosadegh Ave. P.O BOX : 1919733174 -Tehran Iran
Important Dates
Deadline to submit final payment Mentioned in invoice
Deadline to submit application form Mentioned by Organization
Deadline to submit the executive plan for the companies who construct their booths. (non-equipped booth) 14 Aug 2024
Deliver the halls to companies which they construct themselves. (non-equipped booth) 14 Aug 2024
Completion date for the construction of equipped booths 18 Aug 2024
Delivering date of the equipped booths (paneled booths) to exhibitors 18 Aug 2024
Setting up date and time of goods in the booths 18 Aug 2024
Sealing the hall gates 18 Aug 2024
Opening ceremony date 19 Aug 2024
Closing Exhibition date 22 Aug 2024
Evacuating the halls (9:00 A.M until 22:00 P.M) 23 Aug 2024

Exhibition Name:The 12th International Exhibition of Iran Apparel Exhibition

Acronym: IRAN MODE 

Cooperation With:

-Iranian Association of Clothing Industries

-Tehran Garment Union

-Islamic Foundation of Islamic Fashion and Clothing of Iran

Under Supervision Of:

-Iran Textile Exporters & Manufacturers Association

Date: 14-17 Oct 2024 

Visiting Hours:8:00 AM- 15:00 PM

Product Groups:

Clothes (women, men, children and ...)




No: 18, 5th Floor, Building No 39,
Zafar(Vahid Dastgerdi) Ave, Dr.Mosadegh(North of Naft) Ave.
Zip Code: 1919733174


+98 21 26409902-5